elymode: cosmetics for classic and mesh AVs

Two new sets of summery eyeshadows in world and on marketplace! There are tattoo layer sets for classic AVs as well as applier HUDs for Slink Visage and Lelutka mesh heads. I’ve also put together a gift sampler with 2 styles.

Summer Figment is a soft powdery eyeshadow in 9 colors, and Summer Mix 2015 is a collection of shadows in 6 color combinations. All textures have been customized to fit the heads they were made for…classic tattoo layer textures aren’t a perfect fit for every mesh head. Please note that classic AV sets and each applier set are sold separately.

cosmetics for Lelutka mesh heads
cosmetics for Slink Visage faces
classic av cosmetics

If you’d like to see how these styles look on your face, pick up the sampler. It includes eyeshadows from both new styles, in colors not included in the above packs. The gift sampler does include the tattoo layers plus appliers for Slink and Lelutka. This is my “Summer 2015” sampler, and will be available free through the end of summer. (in world it’s 1L$ with 1L$ credit back)

cosmetic sampler for classic, Slink Visage and Lelutka

Find them all on marketplace and in world at elymode.
have fun!
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elymode: at your service

The latest from elymode explores the idea of forniphillia…human furniture. For the month of June, these items are available only at Indulgence.

at your service

Set 01 in this series is Be the Light, a wearable lampshade and base with 5 color choices. The lampshade has on or off light options and the base works with flat bare feet, medium height bare feet, and feet in heeled shoes. 3 versions of the pose are included, and the base is scripted to resize on individual axis, to accommodate a variety of hip widths.

Be the Light

Set 02 is Hold Your Smokes. Hold a tray of smoking accessories (empty tray included too) in your hands, and the ashtray in your mouth. The ashtray has two lit cigarettes in it and the smoke will get in your eyes. There’s an empty ashtray too, and one with a joint in it. The included pose includes variations for flat or pointed feet.

Hold Your Smoke

Also at Indulgence, a set of the Alexa Lingerie in black with 5 lace colors. Appliers for Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, TheMeshProject, Maitreya, and Omega compatible mesh bodies. System layers too, for you hold outs!

Alexa lingerie: Black Indulgence pack

Indulgence is full of fun, kinky stuff…go take a look! Here’s your ride.

have fun!
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ok one more shot because I love this…
Your ash tray

if you want photo credits for any of the images, you can click through to flickr.

elymode for My Attic: little poodle skirt. also, unicorns.

The theme for this month’s edition of My Attic is Back to the Future…and my Lorraine skirt takes inspiration from 50s era poodle skirts, but futures it up with shiny material and bold colors. It’s also short which isn’t so much future-ish as much as just plain elymode-ish! Right now, and only at My Attic, you can get the skirt for just 95L$.

lorraine skirt

Each skirt includes poodle version and plain…also unicorns!…those options, along with 5 accent colors, are HUD controlled. The subtle plaid pattern, which is slightly bolder on the accent parts, adds a bit of texture. Yeah, I’ve had a thing for plaid lately; I told Feles this was the last time, I swear. (for now)

elymode poster

The Lorraine skirts are original mesh, and come in 5 “standard” sizes. Demo available, of course.

There SO MUCH great stuff at My Attic this round, you should go check it out. Here’s your ride.

have fun!
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photo credits:
photo 1: Curio skin, Maitreya body, Truth hair
photo 2: Belleza skin & body, Exile hair (love those textures so much!!!), Maxi Gossamer jewelry

elymode: 90s Flashback Cosmetics Fair

Cosmetics Fair opened this weekend, and I’ve got four 90s inspired cosmetics sets ranging from grungy and moody to bold and colorful. All 4 sets are available for classic AV faces. 2 sets are available for LeLutka heads and 2 for Slink Visage. (various mesh heads have different areas available for makeup…so not all styles work for all heads) There are also two 1L$ sampler sets, one for classic and one for appliers.

For LeLutka, there’s Fantasia and Figment; these sets get their names from east coast raves from the early 90s. Fantasia is an eyeshadow & eyeliner combo mix of fun bright colors, and Figment is a collection of soft, smokey, dark colors. (Thanks, Sasy for the recommendation!)

lelutka makeups

For Slink Visage faces I’ve got Gently Smudged and Plaid. I considered just naming these “NIN” and “Pearl Jam” but…too obvious. plus trademark law. Gently Smudged is a collection of 7 different styles, all black, and all…well…gently smudged; Plaid includes 6 different plaid patterns, each in a regular and distressed version.

visage makeups

All 4 of the above sets are available separately for classic AV faces

There are no demos, but there are sampler packs for just 1L$. The samplers include one of each style, completely wearable. These are special colors that are only available in the sampler packs! (the gently smudged isn’t a different color, those are all black! it’s a different shape)


available now only at the 90s Flashback Cosmetics Fair. Here’s your ride.
have fun!
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elymode: have some Faith

For those of you who appreciate a little pleasure-denial in your kink…I’ve released the Faith chastity belt, and matching Faith dainty cuff bracelets, for this month’s ROMP. Even if you aren’t into denial…it looks super sexy-cute; you can just pretend to play hard to get!
Faith Chastity Belt

The chastity belt and matching dainty cuffs have 8 leather colors and 4 metal colors, controlled by a HUD. Both come with and without materials enabled, and with and without open collar & rlv compatibility. They are scripted for resize along each axis…and also modifiable to help you get a great fit.

Faith dainty cuffs

The Faith chastity belt and cuffs are unrigged mesh…the benefits of being able to adjust this to your body far outweighed any benefits created by rigging. If you are concerned about fit…there’s a demo for the belt.

Faith is at elymode now, right in front…here’s your ride.
but before you go…

have fun!
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elymode: Light In The Dark

The theme is Darkness…but I needed a little light…that works, right?
The May edition of OneWord is here, and I’ve made Light In The Dark, a flashlight and corresponding poses, to help you find your way.

light in the dark
elymode flashlight

The flashlight is original mesh, is texture change (7 colors), and comes with an on version and an off version. The on version uses a regular light as well as a projector light to illuminate your scene. The beam in the image up top is photoshopped; the images in the vendor below are raw from SL:

elymode: Light In The Dark flashlight and poses

For the next 2 weeks, you can get the full set of poses with the flashlight, or just the flashlight and individual poses, at OneWord. Here’s your ride.

Have fun with these…that’s why I made ’em!
❤ ely

elymode: sexy colorful bandeau set

Lola is a new bandeau and undies set, with and without a semi-opaque overlay. You can wear as lingerie…and the tops looks great with pants or a skirt. Available in 6 colors with a variety of patterns (sakura flowers, pin stripes, or plaid), plus a special group color, too.


Lola comes with system layers for classic AVs, plus appliers for Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, TheMeshProject, and Omega compatible mesh bodies. I really love the cut of the combo-top from the back.


elymode group members get their own color, purple with a sakura flower pattern. The gift is in store.

elymode Lola group gift

Lola is in store
and on marketplace.

❤ ely

photo credits:
photo 1: skins/bodies Belleza; hair Truth
photo 2: skin League; body TheMeshProject, hair Truth
photo 3: skin Curio; body Slink, hair Truth

elymode at pose fair: how ’bout some fun?

somethin’ for kids (and kidults) and somethin’ for kink!
all original mesh, textures & poses.

Paper Boat has 5 poses, plus mirrors, and 8 textures, with and without materials; it seats two. The kids’ version has poses made especially for little avatars (we’re using Toddleedoo Kids in the pics) and bold textures; the grown-up version has some similar poses and some different, and softer textures. (kids’ & adult version sold separately.)
kids' paper boatadult size, too

Also kid compatible are the Adventurer poses; I made adult variants of these, too; you can try ’em all at my pose fair booth. Props are NOT included with this pose set.
adventurer poses for the cute things

The matching props are available in the gacha and are no copy/yes transfer for sharing and trading. The rares are the treasure map, the cutlass sword, and the pirate flag (I was told it’s called a Jolly Roger!).
cute things for little pirates and adventurers

Now to the adult stuff. Kids, avert your eyes. The spanking bench has 6 poses, plus a couple of variants for different head/neck positions, plus mirror versions. There are several color options for various parts of the bench, and it comes with and without materials.

spanking bench

Lastly, there’s Yes Ma’am 5. I’ve added a bamboo cane to my tool collection with 6 poses, plus mirrors. You can buy just the cane separately too, if you want to grab an individual pose or two.
yes ma'am 5 with bamboo cane


Find them all at Pose Fair 2015. Open now. Go!
have fun!
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elymode: more for Visage

a small release today… because we need more Visage makeups and I didn’t wanna wait! The Powder Fades and Gold Frost sets are derived from previous elymode makeup releases, but they’ve been customized to fit on the Slink Visage mesh heads. Each set includes all shown colors on a single hud.

Powder Fades eyeshadows for Slink VisageOne important note: In order for the Powder Fades eyeshadow to cover the large area around the eyes, both the eyeshadow and blush targets were used. This just means you may not be able to add blush to your Visage face while wearing that eyeshadow.

Gold Frost eyeshadows for Slink Visage

Both sets are in the main store.
and on marketplace.

❤ ely

photo credits:
Slink Visage mesh heads with Curio skin; Truth hair; Mandala ears; eyes from *ANGELICA and IKON

elymode: sequined bodysuit / slink visage cosmetics

in this post:
bodysuit for classic & mesh bodies, including a group gift
makeups for Slink Visage faces

This sexy, sequined bodysuit with semi-transparent bodice has been trying to get out of my head for weeks…I’m glad I finally had the chance to sit down and convert her from idea to pixels.
Averil bodysuitAveril is for sale in 6 color combos, in world and on marketplace. It comes with appliers for Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, theMeshProject, and Omega compatible bodies.

vendors-alland there’s the group version, available only in world.

elymode group gift

I also have 2 new makeups sets for Slink Visage faces, and you don’t have to get into skin fair to grab them! Cosmic includes 9 soft colors; Sass is bolder and shiny.

Cosmic for Slink Visage Sass for Slink Visage

Visit elymode in world or find the bodysuit on marketplace here and the Slink Visage makeups here.
❤ ely

photo credits:
photo 1: skin Belleza Tess (skin fair); body Belleza Venus; hair Truth Thalia; bracelet Maxi Gossamer
photo 2: skin Tuli Neve (skin fair); body Maitreya Lara; hair Truth Bexley
close-ups: face Slink Visage Emma; skin YS&YS Amelie; hair Truth; jewelry Maxi Gossamer & Mandala; eyes Insufferable Dastard