elymode: more for Visage

a small release today… because we need more Visage makeups and I didn’t wanna wait! The Powder Fades and Gold Frost sets are derived from previous elymode makeup releases, but they’ve been customized to fit on the Slink Visage mesh heads. Each set includes all shown colors on a single hud.

Powder Fades eyeshadows for Slink VisageOne important note: In order for the Powder Fades eyeshadow to cover the large area around the eyes, both the eyeshadow and blush targets were used. This just means you may not be able to add blush to your Visage face while wearing that eyeshadow.

Gold Frost eyeshadows for Slink Visage

Both sets are in the main store.
and on marketplace.

❤ ely

photo credits:
Slink Visage mesh heads with Curio skin; Truth hair; Mandala ears; eyes from *ANGELICA and IKON


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