about elymode

elymode is my collection of original sexy-cute & colorful clothing, dramatic cosmetics, and dynamic poses and props.

The in world store holds only a fraction of elymode’s past releases, find lots more on markletplace: http://tiny.cc/z9u9px

Didn’t get your purchase? There’s a a redelivery terminal at my main store; it will even work for Marketplace purchases made after November 28, 2014. (Due to changes in my organization and naming system, some redeliveries will not work through the terminal…however, I should be able to handle it manually. Contact me via IM or email if you try the redelivery terminal and it doesn’t work for you.)

Items you purchase from elymode should be copy/no transfer unless otherwise indicated. For this reason, there are no refunds except for double purchases. In the case of duplicate purchase, contact me with transaction details.

Most elymode purchases will reward you with store credit of 4% of the purchase price; group members earn 8%. Check your credit at the main store.

stay up to date
Want to stay up-to-date on elymode news and releases? Join the free in world “elymode updates” group or keep an eye on the blog https://elymode.wordpress.com/

VIP group
For a small fee, join the elymode VIP group (the in world group is called just “elymode”) to get group gifts and greater shopping rewards (members who shop while wearing their group tag get 8% of the purchase price rewarded as store credit; that’s double than non-members!) as well as news.

I’d love if you add your photos featuring elymode items to the flickr group:


If you need to contact me, please send a detailed message; IM  or email (ely.eilde at gmail dot com) preferred.

The only avatars authorized to represent elymode are: Elysium Eilde, Elyania Ethaniel and Feles Seitan.