elymode: have some Faith

For those of you who appreciate a little pleasure-denial in your kink…I’ve released the Faith chastity belt, and matching Faith dainty cuff bracelets, for this month’s ROMP. Even if you aren’t into denial…it looks super sexy-cute; you can just pretend to play hard to get!
Faith Chastity Belt

The chastity belt and matching dainty cuffs have 8 leather colors and 4 metal colors, controlled by a HUD. Both come with and without materials enabled, and with and without open collar & rlv compatibility. They are scripted for resize along each axis…and also modifiable to help you get a great fit.

Faith dainty cuffs

The Faith chastity belt and cuffs are unrigged mesh…the benefits of being able to adjust this to your body far outweighed any benefits created by rigging. If you are concerned about fit…there’s a demo for the belt.

Faith is at elymode now, right in front…here’s your ride.
but before you go…

have fun!
❤ ely