elymode at pose fair: how ’bout some fun?

somethin’ for kids (and kidults) and somethin’ for kink!
all original mesh, textures & poses.

Paper Boat has 5 poses, plus mirrors, and 8 textures, with and without materials; it seats two. The kids’ version has poses made especially for little avatars (we’re using Toddleedoo Kids in the pics) and bold textures; the grown-up version has some similar poses and some different, and softer textures. (kids’ & adult version sold separately.)
kids' paper boatadult size, too

Also kid compatible are the Adventurer poses; I made adult variants of these, too; you can try ’em all at my pose fair booth. Props are NOT included with this pose set.
adventurer poses for the cute things

The matching props are available in the gacha and are no copy/yes transfer for sharing and trading. The rares are the treasure map, the cutlass sword, and the pirate flag (I was told it’s called a Jolly Roger!).
cute things for little pirates and adventurers

Now to the adult stuff. Kids, avert your eyes. The spanking bench has 6 poses, plus a couple of variants for different head/neck positions, plus mirror versions. There are several color options for various parts of the bench, and it comes with and without materials.

spanking bench

Lastly, there’s Yes Ma’am 5. I’ve added a bamboo cane to my tool collection with 6 poses, plus mirrors. You can buy just the cane separately too, if you want to grab an individual pose or two.
yes ma'am 5 with bamboo cane


Find them all at Pose Fair 2015. Open now. Go!
have fun!
❤ ely


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