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June 18, 2013 / elysium

elymode: cosmetics fair summer

I’ve been working to get back into the creative groove since my recent adventure, and I’ve got 6 new releases for this summer’s Cosmetics Fair (plus a gift!)

The first 2 sets are powdery and shimmery with soft but bright colors. Powder Fade shadows are each a 2-color combo, fading from one to the other. The Powder Purple set combines purple right around the eyes, with a second color filling out the rest of the area. 6 color combos in each set.


The thick liquid liner set is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The 9 bold colors create a dramatic effect under the eyes, with a little hook-like detail to give it added personality.


The 2 Metallic sets have a super shiny texture, and come with 9 colors each. The 1st set covers the area just around the eye, while the second set has a lot more coverage and is definitely a lot bolder!


The last set, a color mix, is more natural in it’s overall style, combining 2-3 colors each.


I’ve put out a gift set too, a sample of 4 of these styles, in colors not included in the original sets. This is a great way to try out elymode cosmetics on your favorite skins.

gfits at cosmetic's fair!

For now, you can only find these items at the Cosmetics Fair.

<3 ely

May 12, 2013 / elysium

elymode: afk, please be patient!

So excited! I am off for a few weeks of camping at Shenandoah and Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and maybe a little camping on the S. Carolina shore, too, before meeting up with family in Florida to see people I haven’t seen in way too long.

If you have any customer service issues, please send me a direct email at ely (dot) eilde (at) gmail (dot) com. Yes, your in world messages will come to me offline, but email is easier. Please? Some days I might not have any internet access at all, so I appreciate your patience. (don’t forget to try the redelivery terminal first if you didn’t get an in world purchase)

be good and have fun!<3 ely

May 5, 2013 / elysium

elymode: We <3 Role-Play event, group gift

The We <3 Role-Play event began yesterday, and while elymode isn’t about RP wear, lots of my casuals can be incorporated into many different looks with a little imagination. I’ve customized some of my favorites to fit with the feel of the event.

The Jennifer long mesh skirts have a rich texture and come in beige & brown and green & beige. The Facil 3/4 sleeve top (system layer) has texture change (sculpt) sleeves to match the skirts, and includes optional appliers for your Lolas Tango and Lush breasts. Demos available for both items.


From now through the end of the month, you can get these only at the We <3 Role-Play event at discounted prices. After that they will be available in my main location.

For my elymode in world group members, the Sydney mesh skirt and layer top with optional appliers (& matching panties) is just for you. Find these in the group gift area at the center of the shop.

elymode group gift

visit elymode.

have fun
<3 ely

April 27, 2013 / elysium

elymode: Sydney by request.

After getting a few requests for the Sydney skirts in other colors, I decided to oblige, but with a twist. Instead of just more colors in the same textures, I’ve done something a littler more sultry; a little more sexy, a little more shiny! With coordinating tops (and panties), too.


The mesh skirts have slits up the sides to show some thigh and a little bit of tush. (5 sizes based on standard sizing, but a little curvy, try the demo) The tops come with optional appliers for your Lolas Tangos or Lush mesh breasts, but don’t worry, Sydney is compatible with the less well endowed, too!


You can find these separates in world and on marketplace.
Sydney on Marketplace.
elymode in world.

photo credits (i need to remember this more often!)
ad photo: skin: Belleza – Mya; hair: Truth – Teddy; hands: SLink; jewelry: Maxi Gossamer
poster photo: skin: Belleza – Shyla; hair: Lelutka – Vibrato; hands: SLink

<3 ely

p.s. elymode in-world group members – don’t forget to check the in world group notice to see if you are one of this release’s giftpack winners!

April 22, 2013 / elysium

elymode: pick up some loose change at My Attic

The Loose Change set was inspired by the theme of this round of My Attic (change), but Feles gets partial credit for being the one to say “change purse” which totally sent me in the right direction.

Loose Change is sold as a set, the miniskirt has a texture change belt and change purse, and the matching layer bandeau comes with optional appliers for your Lolas and Lush breasts. If you want all the matching bandeaus, those are available as a pack too. For now, you can only get them at My Attic (and for just L$95 per set!)


demos available of course, the skirt comes in 5 sizes based on standard sizing… but maybe a little curvier.

If you are an elymode group member: don’t forget to check group notices when I send them out even if you’ve read the blog. For many releases I give away some giftpacks to 10 random group members, but you have to get in touch with me before I send them!

have fun!
<3 ely

April 20, 2013 / elysium

elymode: Ferdinand for Zodiac

My inspiration for this cycle of Zodiac, Taurus the bull, comes from a sweet little (humongous) cow named Ferdinand… I’ve linked the video below.

The Ferdinand separates combine a mesh skirt with texture change trim, and a system layer top with optional appliers for implants. I’ve even created a bit of accent trim for the top on a separate layer, so you can add a touch of coordinating color to match your skirt. The rich fabric has a floral texture, because Ferdinand likes to sit just quietly… and smell the flowers.

Ferdinand promo artwork

For now, the Ferdinand set is available only at Zodiac, and at a special price for the duration of the event. Tops and skirts are sold separately, so you can mix and match your favorite colors. (look Sasy, no purple!) Demos available.

Visit Zodiac for this, and lots of other Taurus inspired creations.

and if you don’t know who Ferdinand the Bull is (or even if you do) watch this!

<3 ely

April 16, 2013 / elysium

elymode: cosmetics fair releases

I have too much fun creating eye-makeup, and had to make myself stop at 5 new sets for the Cosmetic Fair. I even made some extra colors for a gift pack.

My favorites are the Lineas and Lineas 2 sets; alternating lines of bold color create a dramatic look.


The Confetti-ish sets are kinda confetti and kinda glitter and come in bold, bright, and soft variations of each color.


Sienna mixes 8 colors with a reddish-brown (the 9th in the set is the brown on its own).


These last 2 are a little less showy or dramatic (and they also look great layered on top of the styles above!)


There’s also a free set, one of each in additional colors.


There are 20something other creators at the fair, and some really great stuff (that I wish I made myself) so go visit.

If you missed elymode at the pose fair, all the sets are now in store, and on marketplace too.


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