elymode: Xandra for My Attic

For the January round of My Attic, I’ve got a richly textured sexy set for classic and mesh bodies. Each of the 5 color combinations includes 5 pieces (short top, long top, shorts, high-waist shorts, and one-piece jumper) and comes with appliers for Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, TheMeshProject, Maitreya Lara, and Omega compatible bodies. classic layers are in there as well.

xandra promo posterplease note: the brown lace bra-lette in the above photo is photoshopped in for modesty (lol) it is not included in the sets.


The theme of this round of My Attic is “temptation”, and as if the neckline and lace aren’t tempting enough…each 5-piece set is only 95L$ for the duration of the event. The blue & plum version didn’t make it into the pretty posters, so I’m including a vendor pic bc I just love it.


Head over to My Attic, there’s a demo available.

mesh bodies & skins worn in the photos…
1st photo: left – Maitreya Lara body with PXL Jade skin; right – Belleza Venus body with Belleza Ria and Eva skins
2nd photo: TheMeshProject body with League skin
vendor pic: Belleza

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elymode: tops & shorts for classic & mesh bodies

Elymode clothing for mesh bodies now includes appliers for TheMeshProject in addition to Belleza, Slink, and Omega compatible mesh bodies. and if you pick up the Omega Relay, you can wear elymode with your Maitreya body too!

The Cheryl set includes 2 versions of the very short top (with and without black trim, yay under boob!) and 3 versions of matching short-shorts (solid, with black trim, and black with color trim). Included in the folder are system layers as well as appliers the mesh bodies listed above.


Cheryl comes in 5 colors, pink, black, red, blue and purple.



A DEMO is available…please try it to make sure it works with your mesh body.

These sets have also been updated to work with more mesh bodies:


Visit elymode in world, or find Cheryl on Marketplace

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elymode: Laycee set for mesh and system bodies

New from elymode, the Laycee tops & shorts fit your Belleza, Slink, and Omega compatible mesh bodies. There’s standard layers too for those of you who prefer your system shape. Laycee comes in 6 colors, and each color includes two tops (strapless and with straps) and shorts, all with lace trim.

lacyee tops & shorts

laycee-vendors-plumlaycee-vendors-black laycee-vendors-bluelaycee-vendors-purple laycee-vendors-teallaycee-vendors-red

Find Laycee on Marketplace. There’s a demo, too, of course.

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elymode for mesh bodies

Now that I have beautiful mesh bodies to wear, I need to update some of my favorite elymode layer items to fit them. I’ve started with the Ariana top & panties, and the Loose Change bandeaus. In addition to the traditional system layers and lolas tango appliers that were previously included, they come with appliers for Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, and Omega compatible bodies and body parts.

ariana for mesh bodies loose change bandeaus for mesh bodies

Demos are available. For now, there’s no in world location for elymode; you can find Ariana and Loose Change on marketplace.
Ariana on Marketplace
Loose Change on Marketplace

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