hit it! riding crop & poses from elymode.

For quite a while, my old, sculpt & prim Riding Crop has been one of my biggest Marketplace sellers…but I quietly cringe every time someone bought it because it felt so outdated. So, as my first foray back into creating mesh, I’ve created a new, 100% original mesh, materials enabled Riding Crop. and then of course some poses to go with it. and a group gift version, too! (yeah, that one’s purple lol)

Riding Crop 2015
Yes Ma'am Set 4

this purple one, and the pose, are just for my elymode group. you can find it in group notices.
elymode group gift
riding crop

Find the black riding crop and the pose set on marketplace here, along with related items. (please note: older pose sets contain the original riding crop, but if you purchase any of them I’ll be happy to send you the updated crop. Just get in touch.)

You can also find the Yes Ma’am pose set at elymode in world.

❤ ely


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