yes, new from elymode! (and a little gift)

It’s been so nice to feel creative and actually sit down and enjoy the process.  I’m starting in my comfort zone for my first release in well over a year; I’ve got 6 eye-makeup sets (and a gift sampler!)….starting with Stardust and Starshine:

elymode: stardust elymode: starshine

next up are Stardust and Stardust 2 (I’ve been watching too much Cosmos lately!):

elymode: starburst 2 elymode: starburst

lastly, two more natural, subtle styles, based on colors from the Pantone Color Forecast, Fall 2014:

elymode: autumn2014 soft elymode: autumn2014 frost

there’s a gift sampler up on marketplace too. (I especially like the silver/purple one, of course!) I’ll keep it up through the end of Autumn.

elymode: Autumn 2014 gift

I don’t have an in-world location right now, so purchases will be limited to marketplace…I’ll try to make it easier by linking to each item:
starburst 2
autumn 2014 frost
autumn 2014 soft
autumn 2014 gift sampler

I hope you’ve all been well…my previous blog entry explains my absence, for anyone who might be interested.

❤ ely


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