elymode: cosmetics fair summer

I’ve been working to get back into the creative groove since my recent adventure, and I’ve got 6 new releases for this summer’s Cosmetics Fair (plus a gift!)

The first 2 sets are powdery and shimmery with soft but bright colors. Powder Fade shadows are each a 2-color combo, fading from one to the other. The Powder Purple set combines purple right around the eyes, with a second color filling out the rest of the area. 6 color combos in each set.


The thick liquid liner set is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The 9 bold colors create a dramatic effect under the eyes, with a little hook-like detail to give it added personality.


The 2 Metallic sets have a super shiny texture, and come with 9 colors each. The 1st set covers the area just around the eye, while the second set has a lot more coverage and is definitely a lot bolder!


The last set, a color mix, is more natural in it’s overall style, combining 2-3 colors each.


I’ve put out a gift set too, a sample of 4 of these styles, in colors not included in the original sets. This is a great way to try out elymode cosmetics on your favorite skins.

gfits at cosmetic's fair!

For now, you can only find these items at the Cosmetics Fair.

❤ ely


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