elymode: pick up some loose change at My Attic

The Loose Change set was inspired by the theme of this round of My Attic (change), but Feles gets partial credit for being the one to say “change purse” which totally sent me in the right direction.

Loose Change is sold as a set, the miniskirt has a texture change belt and change purse, and the matching layer bandeau comes with optional appliers for your Lolas and Lush breasts. If you want all the matching bandeaus, those are available as a pack too. For now, you can only get them at My Attic (and for just L$95 per set!)


demos available of course, the skirt comes in 5 sizes based on standard sizing… but maybe a little curvier.

If you are an elymode group member: don’t forget to check group notices when I send them out even if you’ve read the blog. For many releases I give away some giftpacks to 10 random group members, but you have to get in touch with me before I send them!

have fun!
❤ ely


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