elymode: cosmetics fair releases

I have too much fun creating eye-makeup, and had to make myself stop at 5 new sets for the Cosmetic Fair. I even made some extra colors for a gift pack.

My favorites are the Lineas and Lineas 2 sets; alternating lines of bold color create a dramatic look.


The Confetti-ish sets are kinda confetti and kinda glitter and come in bold, bright, and soft variations of each color.


Sienna mixes 8 colors with a reddish-brown (the 9th in the set is the brown on its own).


These last 2 are a little less showy or dramatic (and they also look great layered on top of the styles above!)


There’s also a free set, one of each in additional colors.


There are 20something other creators at the fair, and some really great stuff (that I wish I made myself) so go visit.

If you missed elymode at the pose fair, all the sets are now in store, and on marketplace too.


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