elymode at Pose Fair: some things sweet, something sad, and lots of somethings sexy.

So much Pose Fair goodness! 5 new pose sets, plus new original mesh props.

First up my Lunchbox poses, which includes the lunchbox in 4 colors.

Lunchbox poses

I also set up a gacha with special Lunchboxes, each with a different original texture, pattern, and/or illustration. As someone who years ago said “I can’t draw”, I’m pretty damn proud of these.

lunchbox gacha

On a more serious note, these Sorrow poses have been taking up space in my head for a while now, and I’m happy to finally get them out of my system and into SL.

Sorrow poses - pose fair 2013

Now lets have some fun, shall we? If you’ve got a naughty side, then these are for you…

paddle poses for Pose Fair

The Paddle pose set does come with the paddle, which is also sold separately.

texture change paddle - coming to Pose Fair

Looking for something a little more delicate than the paddle? the Yes Ma’am 3 pose set come with a Dressage whip (and I’ve updated my Yes Ma’am 2 pose set as well to include the new, improved prop; it’s available at Pose Fair too)

Yes Maam 3 poses for Pose Fair

Finally, one more sexy set to show off your assets. The T&A set is for those of you who aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

T & A poses for Pose Fair

Head to Pose Fair, and have fun!

❤ ely


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