elymode for Global Domination

I’m so excited to be part of the Global Domination event!

Global Domination will be an interactive game experience, leading you through a series of challenging puzzles themed to various countries and cultures around the globe.  Each puzzle will be demanding and challenging and the entire process should provide for hours of entertainment with great rewards.

I’ve created a few items for this event. Here’s what they are, and how to get them:

Global Domination Passport gift:
elymode Global Domination Passport gift

To play Global Domination, you need to purchase a passport from any of the participating stores. As an incentive to buy your passport at elymode, you will get the earth, sand & sea” eye-makeup pack, a collection of 12 eye-shadow colors that will coordinate with the elymode final game prize.

Once you’ve completed all of the puzzles in the Global Domination event, you will have access to great prizes from all 17 stores! From elymode you will find the Sydney beach sets: two swimsuits inspired by the colors of Australia’s natural attractions, and 4 coordinating, short, sexy skirts. The tube tops of the swimsuit come with optional appliers for Lolas Tango and Lush breasts.

elymode Global Domination Prize

These sets will not be available in these colors after the Global Domination event.

To purchase your Global Domination Passport from elymode, visit the passport kiosk near the front entrance. Passports are L$300 from now until the game begins on February 14th, then the passports will cost L$400.


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