*elymode* new store, new stuff! mesh and more.

I’ve been sweating over the details for weeks, and it’s time to stand back and invite people to come by. The layout has a more organized flow, I’ve made things easier to find, and have a new release that’s been almost done for so long, I’m thrilled to finally share it! The Averi separates set has 100% mesh items, partial mesh items, layer clothing components, and even optional implant appliers!

averi separates

The 100% mesh skirt and tube top have texture change buttons and drawstrings controlled by a HUD. The Tank Dress has a partial mesh pelvis attachment (multiple sizes, and a no mesh option too) and comes with a tank top in the pack that’s great for wearing with the mesh skirt, as well as combining with other colors. You also get the texture applier for those of you who wear implants. The socks come with the same contrasting trim as the tank dresses, and a solid color version so you can mix and match it all. Demos are available for all the mesh parts and the applier. If you don’t feel like coming down to the new store, all the new items are on Marketplace.

Here’s your limo to the NEW Elymode @ Mint Tulip. If you see me lurking in the back wondering what I forgot, don’t hesitate to say hi!
or you can find the Averi separates on Marketplace

❤ ely


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