*elymode* now with more curves!

I have to start here by thanking Sasy Scarborough for throwing an idea at me and having the confidence in me to think I could pull it off. It’s one thing when your closest friends show an interest in what you do, it’s expected (though still appreciated of course!) but it’s another thing entirely when someone outside your closest circle reaches out and shows their faith in you.

For those of you who wear “implants” (prim breasts) some elymode items now include texture appliers to match! I’ve updated 4 of my previous releases to include the “appliers” and I’ve got a new new release coming later this week. If you already have any of these, free updates are available, too! More info after the photos.


in order, clockwise: Nelle Sweater Dress (that’s got a partial mesh skirt attachment too!), Meli top (shown with matching high waist bloomers), Outono 3/4 sleeve top (also comes with a tank top), and finally the Ava top (shown with coordinating cinch and mini with partial mesh). and YES there are DEMOS!

Of course the implants here are totally optional, you can wear all these items without them. If you’ve never tried prim breasts, my appliers work with the demos from :mused: and other major brands like eboobs and lolas, so why not try them out. It’s fun! Here’s more info about the :mused: prim breasts, just…. keep an open mind!

Where can you get these?
In store, items with appliers included will have this little graphic nearby:

Un marketplace, if you search my store for “appliers” you’ll find all compatible items. here’s an easy link.

What if you already have them and want the update?
For in-store purchases: there’s a redelivery terminal at the front of my store, click it and follow the directions. If you redeliver your purchase, the update will be sent. If you bought the original on marketplace, please send me your transaction info and I will redeliver asap.

I’m probably leaving something out, but there are demos for all items that have appliers, with lots of info included, so come check em out, here’s your limo!

❤ ely


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