*elymode* makeup and mesh for MySecondBox

Have you heard of the MySecondBox subscription-based samples group, yet?  The idea comes from the RL monthly sample subscription boxes that are so popular right now: subscribe for the month, and get samples delivered to you from 5 fantastic content creators.

Elymode is part of the June rotation, and I’ve got 2 different items to share. Once you join the in world group, just check notices and the elymode box will be waiting there for you (along with the offerings from the other participants). Here’s what you’ll get:

MySecondBox june

The Summer Mix eye-shadows are bold and bright and fun and… well… yeah summery! These will eventually make their way to the store, but not until the June rotation of MSB is over.

The Averi (mesh) skirt is an exclusive texture and color combination of an upcoming release. This texture with contrasting trim and cute stitching is only available in the June MySecondBox and will not be released for sale when the event is over. I know, I know, it’s mesh! how do you know if it’s gonna fit? There’s a demo in store of course.

Try the demo, and find a group joiner here, at elymode.

❤ ely


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