*elymode* Memories @ My Attic

I’m thrilled to be a special guest at The Attic @ The Deck sim, and the theme of “Memories of Love & Lust” is definitely something I can get into! This is my latest experiment in partial-mesh; I love the idea of taking advantage of mesh without sacrificing our carefully constructed shapes.

elymode 54

Each color pack includes options for wearing as a dress, jumper and bodysuit, and each option comes with and without garters. Black stockings with color trim and back seam (not shown but it’s got sequin details too!) come with each set too. 5 colors available (red, black, purple, pink, chocolate)

The extra-long sleeves that bend at your wrists are only possible thanks to rigged mesh, so you do need a mesh enabled viewer. If you have trouble fitting mesh clothing, but you like this style, I encourage you to try the demo. Partial mesh items usually fit a broader range of AV sizes/proportions than fully mesh clothing. The skirt attachment is partial mesh too (though I do included a standard prim-style attachment for that part as well.)

From now until the 31st you can find these sets only at My Attic, at the crazy discounted price of L$95 per color. After that they will come to my main store and the price goes up. For info about the My Attic event, and pics of the other releases, check out The Deck’s website.

limo to My Attic.
‚̧ ely

photo credits:
skins: Belleza, hairs: Truth, jewelry: Mandala and Undefined Lilies, poses: Exposeur


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