*elymode* glittery, dramatic, & whimsical new makeup

The Summer Beauty Festival (blog, SLurl) started yesterday, and I’ve got some great new releases to show off for the event. (plus a gift set!)

The Glitter Brush sets are fun and well… glittery!! and I was SO excited when I got them to look right that I stood up in my chair and clapped my hands and shouted “YES!!!” to my empty room. (does anyone else out there do this? please, tell me I am not alone!) The solo pack includes 6 individual colors, and the duos pack has 6 combinations.

Glitter Brush makeup

The Alato sets are bold and dramatic, and come with and without white highlights. The first set covers the usual upper/lower lid area, and the Alato Due set extends onto the cheeks creating an almost-mask.

Alato eye-shadows

If you like something a little more earthy and whimsical, the Japanese Maple face paint tattoos are for you. Each color set comes with 3 different branch/leaves arrangements, with and without eye-makeup.

Japanese Maple face paint

If you need more incentive to get down to the Summer Beauty Festival, I’m offering a gift set too. One Glitter Brush, an Alato, and an Alato Due in colors that aren’t included in the regular packs.

Summer Beauty Festival gift

From now until May 25, you can find all these releases only at the Summer Beauty Festival, along with releases from other great stores: chelle, BOOM, Pididdle, Nylon Outfitters, MONS, a.e.meth, [mock] cosmetics, Izzie’s, The Sugar Garden and KOOQLA.

your limo, have fun!
❤ ely


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