*elymode* group gift

I’m working on this Averi set (keep an eye out for an adorable coordinating mesh mini-skirt!) and wanted to share a couple of exclusive colors with the elymode group members*. The gift includes the tank, minidress, and socks, in both the yellow and white, both with blue trim. The mini-dress pelvis attachment is partial mesh (I do include a non-mesh version too), and for those of you who are too modest for this mini-dress, it works great as a long tank top too.

averi gift

I’m a big fan of teeny tiny miniskirts in SL, and the partial-mesh pelvis attachment has inspired me to make several variations of this theme recently.  If you have avoided this type of miniskirt because of the awkward old-style prim “crotch-flaps”, I encourage you to head down to elymode and try a demo of my Facil, Eva, Ava, or Lussuria skirts… I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

*The elymode group is a pay-to-join group, but I think I make it very worth it. Not only are there regular gifts and group exclusives, you also get extra reward points when you shop (use reward points to get more stuff!).

your limo.
❤ ely


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