*elymode* poses & props

I had so much fun preparing for Pose Fair. If you haven’t been yet, get your booty down there! If you have been, but somehow missed my releases, let me give you a few reasons to go back:

lifeguard chair poses

The Lifeguard chair is a perfect warm-weather prop. It’s got five poses (plus the mirror versions of each) and you can pose solo or with a friend. The chair is texture change and comes with binoculars for you and for sharing. You can even purchase the tank/shorts sets if you wanna complete the lifeguard look.

The six Play Ball poses (plus mirror versions) have a great sporty, sassy attitude. The ball and bat come with the pack, or you can buy the poses and props individually.

play ball!

Of course, it wouldn’t be elymode if I didn’t include some discipline. The Mistress Chair has multiple texture-change parts, includes six poses (plus mirrors), and comes with both riding crop and dressage whip.

Mistress Chair

RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur came up with the fun idea of a collaboration where she creates a pose, then sends it over to someone else without any instructions other than “make a pose to go with this”. Of course, she had to go and send me a pose of a man on his knees, and then make fun of me when I took it in the obvious direction! what else did you expect Ruby?!

elymode & exposeur pose fair collaboration

You can find all these goodies at the Pose Fair.

have fun!
❤ ely


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