*elymode* warm weather mesh

These Jennifer skirts are a brighter, warmer version of my Flux release from earlier this month, and I’ve paired them with a sexy, short tank top that is gathered at the chest. I tried to create something that was fun and would move with you, without hiding your shape.

Jennifer skirts and tanks

I’m so in love with these colors, I hope you like them too. The Spring makeups released last week are a perfect match to the hues of this set.

The tops and skirts are available in 5 sizes, based on the standard sizing system, but I’ve been generous in the hips and breasts. There’s a demo for each, and I hope even those of you who haven’t found mesh to be a perfect fit will give this set a try.

If you’re a fan of the darker colors, I also made the tanks to match the original Jennifer skirts. Like those skirts, these Jennifer tank tops come with plain and infested versions. For now, you can only get these at Flux.

Jennifer tanks

I just want to add that I named this set Jennifer after a RL friend that I lost many years ago. When I met her, I was caught up in thinking that dressing so girly was a sign of weakness; but she taught me that girls who wear skirts can still climb mountains. I think she would have loved this set. ❤

limo to elymode.
or try & buy from Marketplace.

edit: oh I almost forgot! for elymode group members only: special color, special price.


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