*elymode* long (mesh) skirts for Flux!

I am SO EXCITED about these! I’m having a little trouble working on anything else, because I don’t want to take them off.

Jennifer skirts for Flux

These new, long, (mesh) skirts are available at Flux for the month of March. Originally, I was only releasing them infested with bugs, but then the insightful Sasy Scarborough pointed out that not everyone was going to like scarabs and luna moths and dragonflies, and an uninfested version might be a good addition; so you can thank her for the bug-less version added to each purchase.

A demo is available so you can make sure one of the 5 sizes (based on standard sizing) works for you. If you fall way outside the range of my sizes, I’d like to hear about it, please pass a notecard my way.

The tank tops I am wearing in these photos are from the Lussuria set which is available at the Festival of Sin only, until tomorrow, then I will bring it over to my main location. My apologies for sending you all over the place if you want the look in my ad! Speaking of the FoS, tomorrow is the last day; if you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for?!

Take the limo to Flux to try the new skirts and see what the other creators have released for the event.
or head to the Festival of Sin for the tanks and lots of other goodies.

❤ ely


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