*elymode* Nelle dresses

The Nelle dress is available in 5 more colors, so if you missed my limited Monday release (or you didn’t miss it, but need more!) you can get them now in these great color combos.


The dress does include a regular prim “skirt-flap” attachment, but it also includes a partial rigged mesh version in 4 sizes (demo available). I’m a little obsessed with watching my AV stand around wearing this dress, it’s so sexy-cute and I find the way it moves is a little mesmerizing even though it’s just that little bit of mesh. (If you haven’t started wearing mesh yet, you can still wear this dress, the sleeves are traditional sculpts, and there is a non-mesh skirt flap in the set)

I love this dress for winter because it covers enough to be a cold-weather item, but shows off skin in the right places, too. Each dress includes a version with and without garters, 2 pair of high socks to match, and as always there are lots of layers.

Find the Nelle dresses at the elymode main store,
and on Marketplace.

❤ ely


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