*elymode* sexy separates and the evolution of the skirt flap

These sexy separates can be combined in so many ways; the 4 pieces in 6 color options are made to mix and layer. Go for solid or for color block, even the cuffs change color to coordinate.

Facil Separates

But for me, the most exciting thing about this set isn’t the versatility or the colors, as much as I love those traits. It’s the introduction of a partial-mesh option as an alternative to the traditional prim “skirt flap”. Check out this comparison:

The skirt does include the old style attachment, but it also includes the partial rigged mesh version in 4 sizes (demo available). Yes, for photos I can mod that traditional prim into place, but I am so happy wearing this skirt as my AV moves around with her AO. No more awkward boxy prim clumsily covering your crotch as you stand around trying to be cute. or hot. or whatever your style is.

available now at elymode
and on marketplace.

Oh yeah! VIP Group Members! I sent you the skirt in red. If you didn’t get it, check notices.

❤ ely


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