*elymode* new release – sculpt or mesh? you choose.

Whether you love mesh or you hate it, I made Annette with you in mind. The base pack includes all the layers for the sweater, dress and tights, and uses traditional sculpties for the sleeves and dress-bottom. For the mesh lovers out there, pick up the mesh add-on pack, and get sleeves and dress-bottom rigged to move with your body.

annette sweater, dress & tights

The sculpted attachments are modifiable, with the skirt also scripted to stretch along the x, y or z axis for easy fitting.

The mesh attachments in the add-on pack (not modifiable) use “standard sizing” as a guide, but because this is only a partial mesh, not a full body mesh, I think (hope!) it’s going to fit a lot of different shapes well. There’s a demo available for the mesh parts, please try it before you buy.

You can find the Annette set and the add on packs in store at elymode
and on marketplace.

❤ ely

p.s. this set is named for Annette Voight, “Nerdtastic designer for Decoy” who is awesome and in my mind will always be a Straylight Faerie.


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