*elymode* makeups and pose gift

The brown & color eye-shadow pack is a great set for fall, combining a warm brown with a variety of colors. The pack includes brown plus 8 color combinations, with and without thin dark liner, and is just L$55 for Moody Monday! you can grab them on marketplace too.

elymode eye shadows

GIFT: I know it’s been forever since Apple used these types of images for its advertising campaigns… but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to put together some Apple-themed gift, and the energy of the original iPod ads was perfect inspiration for my tribute. I’ve included instructions for creating the black silhouette effect in world, it’s really easy; of course you can use the poses without that too. The set doesn’t include the iconic white headphones though, you’ll have to draw those in with Photoshop or similar software.

iDance gift

Find these poses and makeup at elymode
the makeup is on marketplace too.

❤ ely

oh yeah, if you want to see the rest of the Moody Monday offerings, check the web site!


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