*elymode* Moody Monday sets, and mesh minis

This Evolu skirt is my first mesh release*, so I’m starting with just two colors. The full release is coming later this week, and when it’s ready, I will be putting these forest green and grey versions away.  There’s a demo available for all 3 sizes (slim, medium, voluptuous)

mesh skirts

These skirts are (kinda) free for group members!
These skirt vendors are set to 100% customer rewards for group members. That means when you activate your elymode group tag and buy one of the Evolu skirts, you will get L$75 in store credit (the price of the skirt) You can use that credit on any other elymode item in the store by clicking that item’s vendor and choosing “credit”

The Evolu long sleeve shirt, tights, socks, and panties do coordinate with the mesh skirts, and are great for mixing with other clothing, too.  Just L$55 per color set for Moody Monday, I will keep them out as long as the skirts (but not at the special price after Monday). More colors coming soon, too. (See the Moody Monday site for a list of participating stores)

moody monday @ elymode

Here’s your limo to elymode or find these items on marketplace (special Mesh Skirt Group Deal not available on marketplace)

❤ ely

* For those of you who aren’t fans of mesh, don’t worry, I still plan on doing lots of layer-based clothing. Learning to create mesh clothing is a challenge, and it’s been worth it, but like many of you, I am attached to my shape and older SL viewers, too.
If you aren’t sure what this “mesh” thing is all about, Siddean Munro of SLink wrote this great FAQ. Also, she makes amazing shoes. you should go to her store. after you go to mine!


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