*elymode* makeup and face paint for autumn

Witch Hunt 2011 starts today with almost 50 stores bringing you new items for just L$10 a piece. While looking at harvest themed photos for inspiration, I noticed for the first time the beautiful, bright, yellow-orange flowers that grow on the pumpkin vine. How did I not know about these amazing flowers that sometimes only blossom for an hour?! Inspiration did hit, and I got completely lost in the process of illustrating this face paint tattoo; I hope you like it as much as I do. This hunt item is hidden, but not very well! Here is a hint for you: the sign points the way. kinda.

pumpkin flower face paint tattoo

You can find a list of participants, plus pics of the other items here.

In keeping with the autumn theme, I also have a new set of eye-shadows inspired by the cycle of the color of the leaves as we move into fall. They are in store now, or you can find them on marketplace if you are feeling lazy.

autumn eye-shadows

here’s your limo/broom/hayride down to elymode!

❤ ely


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