I ♥ NY, more than ever, 10 years later.

I wasn’t getting emotional about it, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, until yesterday morning. It hit me how huge it was while I was driving around doing everyday things, and I started to cry. I was on my way to the grocery store. so that my pantry would be stocked on 9/11. just in case. It made me so sad. and angry. I wasn’t in Manhattan that day, and I didn’t lose anyone in the towers; I know my grief is infinitesimal compared to those who did. Still, I have been crying on and off since yesterday.

I don’t live in New York City, but I grew up 40 minutes away by train and have spent most of my adult life no further than 3 hours away. New York, including Manhattan, is the place I consider “home.” One week after the events of 9/11, I had an appointment in NYC and we decided not to postpone it; after all that would be giving in, and New Yorkers don’t give in. I went down near the site, as close as they let people go, and I will never forget the way there was still smoke rising from Ground Zero. I will never forget the hundreds of missing person posters, or the flowers or the candles that seemed to cover every available inch of space.

Last year, I made this shirt using the famous I ♥ NY MORE THAN EVER logo for all you New Yorkers *waves from the Hudson Valley* and anyone else who wants to show their support and solidarity, and I am making it available again, as a gift of course.


The original I ♥ NY logo was created by Milton Glaser in the mid 1970′s to promote NY tourism, and became a recognized symbol all over the world representing not only the feelings of wonder and excitement appreciated by so many tourists, but also for the love and fierce loyalty felt by New Yorkers for NYC.

In response to the events on 9/11, Milton submitted the redesign seen on this t-shirt to a NY newspaper, and after being printed it began appearing on the street, on subway walls and in people’s windows, reaffirming their love and devotion.

(I hope you will forgive my use here of the I ♥ NY MORE THAN EVER logo, especially those of you who know what a hard ass I am when it comes to reproducing the work of others!)

❤ ely

get it here.


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