*elymode* new makeups, and yes I am Moody!

Hurricane Irene did some serious damage to my county, but luckily I am fine and so is my family and all of my “stuff”. Unfortunately, I’ll probably be without power and ‘Net for a few days and yea that’s making me very moody!  Just in time for Moody Monday… check out these new makeups that I love love love…

A Little Drama eye-shadows Moody Monday 29August

Because my utilities are down, these might be available at this price a few days extra, but they might not! (depends on if I feel like making the half our each way drive to plug myself in tomorrow) Grab them today so you don’t miss this special price.

Also released today is a new coal & color set, this one bolder and darker than the original “coal & color”, and with more accent colors. This set includes 7 accent colors with and without lower liner.

bold coal & color shadows

you can find them in store at elymode
or marketplace:
A Little Drama Sets 1&2
color & coal combos 2: bold

I hope all my fellow east-coasters are doing ok, too. I’m sending best wishes to those of you who got it worse than I did
❤ ely


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