*elymode* School Skirts & Socks, not just for students.

I am so bandwagon averse sometimes, but I cannot resist the call of the Hogwarts: Your Story RP! This is elymode though, so of course, I’ve done it my own way, and tried not to limit it to a H:YS style.. The skirt and socks started out as a solution to my alt’s uniform needs… and quickly evolved into something completely versatile, student or not.

The School Skirt attachment sits low enough that it can be worn with a long shirt or sweater, and comes with 2 waist cuts (see ad pic below). This is exactly what El needed, as her RP look is going to be a bit sloppy and disheveled, like she is perpetually rolling out of bed at the last minute! It cleans up nice, too, for a pretty and more delicate look. I stole the color palette from other elymode items, like the Ellen Sweater and this simple bodysuit, so you can mix and match. (The white shirt and tie is from Schadenfreude and is awesome. you should get it)

school stuff

The coordinating socks are available in 4 styles, and you can buy them in color packs or style packs. The mismatched socks were made for Elysiana’s role play, and like the skirts, I couldn’t stop there. The foldover ones are definitely girly and flirty, but the other 3 styles are totally guy-appropriate, too.

school socks

Here’s your limo to elymode or you can find these skirts and socks  on Marketplace.

❤ ely

ad photo details:
left and center:
hair: KIK | skin: Pink Fuel | shirt & tie: Schadenfreude | shoes: Gos | books and sweater: elymode
hair: Truth | skin: Curio | shoes Gos | all clothing: elymode


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