*elymode* Vita separates, makeups & lucky chair

Cut from the same cloth as the Vita dresses and shorts sets, these almost-open tops, cinches, and miniskirts (which look great as shorts, too) are made for mixing and matching. You can click the sleeves for texture change trim to tie different colors together. The gold top will be going out as a gift for group members.

elymode Vita separates

For those of you with some patience, there is a white set too. Try the lucky chair at the back of the store to win the individual pieces.

elymode Vita separates white

For fans of bold makeup, there is a Vita eye-shadow set too. These are great for photography and don’t get hidden by thick lashes. L$55 for Moody Monday (ok really it’s now through Tuesday morning)

elymode Vita bold shadows

you can find the full list of Moody Monday items here.

Come on over to elymode!

❤ ely


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