*elymode* new poses

Something a little different this week, I’ve got 4 new pose sets** for pairs today, two of them are specially priced at just L$55 each for Moody Monday.

Take a Moment pose setNot Quite Dancing pose set

plus 2 more girl/girl couple sets (not included in the Moody Monday sale)

Office Hours pose setPinned-up pose set

I was so lucky to be commissioned by Gos Footwear and by LaVie Shapes & Skins to do store posters, and thank them both for allowing me to use the photos for my pose vendors. These sexy shots were fun, and thank you SO much to Feles Seitan, who styled and posed for me with such patience for two of the Gos shots.

To see the Moody Monday offerings for the other participants visit The Moody Monday site.

❤ ely

tp to elymode

**For several years I have been releasing poses under the brand name *xoxo ania* It was a project I started as an alt when I needed space away from “me”; I think anyone who has been in SL for a few years knows just what I mean. It’s time to combine the brands; from now on all pose releases will be under the *elymode* brand. I intend to switch over previous releases too, so that they can take advantage of my vendor and rewards points system. As of now, only items with the *elymode* logo on them are part of the system.


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