*elymode* Moody Monday and much more!

*elymode* Cyd set poster

I’ve got a big release this week with additions to my Cyd’s set, and I have coordinated the release with Moody Monday to make the shrugs with texture change cuffs available for just L$55 per color today and tomorrow!
Cyd's leather shrugmoody mondays

The full release includes the leather shrugs, 2 skirts (each with multiple accent colors), and a leather top that can be worn with or without the sculpted attachment, and comes with 6 accent colors. There is a demo available for this top.
Cyd's leather tops

The skirts come with alternate waist colors to add to your elymode mix-n-match goodness, and the sculpted version has a second accent color at the bottom.
Cyd's leather skirtCyd's leather slim skirts

I’ve been having a great time playing with colors and taking photos of this set; I hope you like it too.

come have a look.
❤ ely
Cyd's Summer Top & Mini


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