*elymode* new for Culture Shock

The Culture Shock event opens today, and I managed to finish two new releases on time, each in 3 colors and of course, with options!

Vita dressVita Shorts and tops

The Vita dress was inspired by the style of ancient Rome, at Feles’ request… though it evolved into something very different than the photos and illustrations that inspired it. I definitely went outside my comfort zone here with the shoulder and bodice sculpts, and the almost empire-type waistline, both of which were a challenge for me. The dress has 2 neckline options: the super-sexy, cleavage baring cut is more my style, but I wanted the more modest of you to be able to enjoy it as well. The purple/sage color is set to 100% donation for the event’s charity, Doctors Without Borders.
Vita dressvita dress

For those of you who want a more casual look, the Vita shorts & tops set comes in the same vibrant colors, also with options for modest or revealing neckline. There are 2 layer-based shirt lengths, plus a sculpted attachment for the middle length, for a total of 6 styles per set. The red & gold set, shown up top, is set as a 100% donation item.
Vita setVita set

For now these items are only available at the Culture Shock event, which opens at noon May 1st. That’s today! Like… right now! Here’s your limo, (though there is forced landing.)


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