*elymode* new store, new stuff (sale and extra rewards too)

New main location.
elymode and xoxo ania can now be found at Journey, home to Tuli Asturias’s beautiful skins. I’ve got a great new store built for me by Feles Seitan, who I’d be lost without, and it feels more “me” than any store that came before it.

I’ve got new releases, items on sale, increased rewards, and even some new lucky chair items.
The Lazy Day pants and tee (previewed at Moody Monday), plus shorts, are now in store in 6 color combinations.


To celebrate the new mainstore, the Lazy Day items are set to double the normal rewards! 15% for everyone, 30% for group members through Sunday evening. To make a purchase with your accumulated credit, just click the vendor.

The Take 2 set also has increased rewards this week. The scooped corset and long simple skirt are updates of my first release; I often get requests for new colors so I gave them them some much needed attention, completely reworking the skirt prims and giving the corset some added detail on the trim as well as better shading. I hope those of you who were fans of the original set love this one just as much.


Random fatpack sale:
7 fatpacks (normally priced L$600 – L$875) are on sale through Sunday for L$420. I’m a little late for a L$420 on 4/20 sale but, hey, better late than never! Find the small purple stars to discover which packs are on sale.

Three new lucky chair items, including the Fuchsia Frost makeup set

new lucky chair item at my new store

here’s your limo.


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