*elymode* Take 2 for Moody Monday

Moody Monday is here again! This week’s offering is 3 pieces from my upcoming Take 2 set: two corsets and the long simple skirt. (for just L$55!)

Take 2: corsets & skirt for Moody Monday

The original scooped corset and long simple skirt were part of my first release when I opened in August 2009. I’ve learned a lot since then and have considered retiring those pieces several times, but they continue to sell and I often get requests for new colors. Rather than say goodbye, I gave them them some much needed attention, completely reworking the skirt prims and giving the corset some added detail on the trim as well as better shading. I hope those of you who were fans of the original set love this one just as much.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a group gift preview of the skirt in lilac. (it’s still in notices if you check now!). The full set of 10 colors will be available later this week, along with matching scooped corsets, when I open my new main location. More news on that coming soon!

You can find photos of all Moody Monday’s offerings for this week on the Moody Mondays blog
your limo.


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