*xoxo ania* at Pose Fair

The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind; I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t be ready for Pose Fair, but somehow I made it! First up, my favorite new set, Hung the Moon. This moon prop is scripted with 5 poses and comes with the backdrop, too.
Hung the Moon

The start of a new series of poses, the  “Inspired by…” sets take inspiration from visual artists. For these sets I’ve tried to capture the essence of fashion photographer Richard Avedon and choreographer/dancer Martha Graham.
inspired by graham
inspired by avedon

Bringing more movement into the mix, the Groove pose set comes with texture change headphones and is perfect for those of you who like to dance around groovin’ to your tunes.
Groove poses and headphones

The last new offering is a sweet simple couples pose. I had no idea how sweet it would be as I set up the shot; my Flix took me by surprise and sent me a partner request as we posed. ❤

For now, these new pose releases are only available at Pose Fair, so, head on over!


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