*elymode* rewards, gift cards and more

No pretty *elymode* photos for this post, well, ok, let’s throw one in… (oh look, I have shadows!!!)

shadows, fuck yeah

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get down to the real business of this post!

*elymode* has a new vendor system in place that allows for gift cards, reward points, and even a redelivery terminal so you don’t have to wait for me if there is a delivery issue. Like Feles said “it’s like you’re a real store now” Group members get even more rewards with each purchase, so remember to wear your elymode group tag when you shop. I’ve got more elymode news and special stuff on the way soon, so stay tuned.

My side brand, *xoxo ania* is at pose fair, which started today, and I will post about that separately but here’s the SLurl if you wanna head down and check it out. I plan to fold the xoxo ania brand into elymode sometime in the next couple of months but as of now, the rewards and gift cards only apply to items with the elymode logo.

photo credits: hair from redQueen, skin from Belleza, nails and jewelry from Mandala


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