*elymode* has something for (almost) everyone

cute face paint tattoo? got it. fun poses? yep. smooth tile textures for building? yup, got that too!

After releasing my Strawberry face tattoo, I was asked to do more like it. It was a bit intimidating; I worry about my illustration skills sometimes, but my muse has been with me lately, and she wanted grapes! (ok actually, my boyfriend suggested it…)

*elymode* grape face tattoo

If you aren’t into cute fruit for you face… how about some poses. Two sets, 6 poses each plus mirror versions.  The Unfold set is carefree, arms out, feeling great.

*xoxo ania* poses Unfold

On the other end of the mood spectrum is the Folded set. Shy poses with arms held in front of the body; these could be great for showing off jewelry too.

*xoxo ania* poses Folded

My last offering today is two sets of tile building textures. These textures are full perm and can be used in items for resale. 20 textures per set using 6 colors.

*elymode* textures*elymode* textures

here’s your limo.


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