*elymode* makeup and backdrops

I’ve got a few non-clothing releases to announce today, and I’m totally in love with all this stuff, so I hope you like it too. It’s great to be able to think of something I want for my own photoshoot, make it, and then be able to share it through *elymode*

These eyeliner tattoo layers are perfect for adding a touch of additional color to the faces of your favorite skins or mixing with other makeup layers. I was wearing a new skin (yay skin fair!) and really wanted to add some color to my lower lids (you can see the result here, NSFW). The teal set that I made for the shoot is available as a gift, and sets of 5 colors are for sale in 2 styles: smudged and sharp.

*elymode* makeup - smudged eyeliner - lower
*elymode* makeup - sharp eyeliner - lower
*elymode* makeup - sharp & smudged eyeliners- lower - teal gift

Born from the Shameless set, and created for a shoot, are 2 sets of photography backdrops. These bokeh-inspired textures are colorful and fun, and if you experiment with multiple prims set so various transparency and glow, you can get some fantastic results. (another example)

*elymode* photography backdrops*elymode* photography backdrops

❤ ely

your limo.


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