*elymode* gets back into the swing of things.

hello strangers! I took a little mental health break from constant creating but I am getting back into the swing of things so let me fill you in on what I’ve done recently…

I put together this light set of Ellen sweaters because I keep going to my inventory to look for them when I get dressed only to remember that I never made them in these colors! The fatpack is available as a gift to my in world group members only (for now) so check notices if you didn’t get yours. I will release them soon for everyone else. Because of the value of this item, and because I plan to be getting back to my habit of sending out items often, I am raising the cost of the elymode group join fee to L$350 as of yesterday, January 28.

elymode Ellen Sweater light

Another gift, if you haven’t picked yours up yet, is the Little Cherries set I made in 8 colors to celebrate the start of a new blog I have been working on with friends. We launched the SLuicide Girls blog about a month ago but… I kinda forgot to mention it here! It’s very NSFW, don’t say you haven’t been warned! This gift will be available to everyone for a little while longer, and then will be set to SLuicide Girls in world group members only. (it’s free to join, and there will be more gifts!)


I’ve made some poses for my character on the SLuicide Girls blog, so of course I’m releasing them. The Yes Ma’am 2 pose set comes with dressage whip and riding crop, but I think you creative blogger and photographer types can find other uses for them too. I know not everyone likes to brandish a whip! For this set, I have included both static and loose neck versions… this way you can look at your pet wherever they are in your shot… or anywhere else.

Yes Ma'am 2 pose set

Enjoy your gifts and the little bit of newness I have here, and keep an eye out for more from elymode and xoxo ania!

❤ ely

your limo.

photo credits:
Ellen ad: hairs from Exile, skin from Belleza, necklace from Mandala
Little Cherries ad: hair from Truth, skin from Curio, boots from Gos
Yes Ma’am 2 ad: hair from redQueen, skin from Belleza, jacket (both versions) from Miamai, jewelry from Mandala, boots from Tesla


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