*elymode* Happy Holidays From… limited edition hunt item

The Happy Holidays from… hunt starts today!

The Sima dress was created for this event, and though I do plan on releasing other colors in a few weeks, this wine and blue version will only be available through December 31st. The dress comes with 1 skirt and 2 different tops, plus a choker to match each.
Sima dress

Even with formal wear, I feel the need to give options and layers and make things mix and matchable. The 2 corsets that are part of the Sima dress can be worn with other items, as shown here…

Unlike most hunts, the special items included in the Happy Holiday’s from… hunt are L$10; but I’ve made it more than worth it!

It’s been a little slow on the *elymode* front, I know. The holiday season brought with it lots of photography work, which I love, but I can’t wait to get back to the Sima dress in other colors. I am working on a short sculpted skirt that will match the corsets too, so stay tuned.

❤ ely

oh yeah! here is the hint for my hunt item: “don’t let this clue stump you”   Have fun!

your limo.


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