new Xmas Living Pose & Prop Set

Once again xoxo ania has teamed up with Flix of CLICK props to bring you a full set for photography and machinima, just in time for the holiday. The Xmas Living scene includes 21 single poses (male, female AND kid avatar poses) plus 5 sweet couples poses, all set in a fully furnished and decorated living room.

CLICK Xmas Living - Pose and Prop set

The full living room scene is created with the photographer in mind, and allows you to capture the set from many angles, even from outside. Look at all the goodies stuffed in there! The tree, stockings, wreath, furniture and all the other little details that make this look like home for the holiday are part of the set.

CLICK Xmas Living - Pose and Prop set

Several of the poses are appropriate for non-holiday times as well; Flix has even included a lite version of the whole set for use year-round! It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to jump into the arms of someone you really like…

CLICK Xmas Living - Pose and Prop set

One thing I didn’t capture in my photos is the way many avatars can use this prop at once, creating a scene that is full of life and energy… check out this shot from Flix that shows how versatile this set really is:

-CLICK- Xmas Living 4

The Xmas Living Prop & Pose set can be found upstairs at my shop inworld or, if you are feelin’ lazy. you can find it on the Marketplace too.


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