*xoxo ania* sexy, shy and playful new poses

*looks at the clock* oops! meant to blog about this earlier. My alter-alter-ego and poser behind *xoxo ania*, Elyania has just released a ton of new poses; singles, couples, sweet, sexy and even a gift sampler pack. My favorites are the two Boot Worship couples poses, inspired by an old friend of mine; I know they’d make him smile. These are 50% off through Monday.
*xoxo ania* Boot Worship*xoxo ania* Boot Worship

Going in a totally different direction, the Reaching for Stars set is playful and fun, and includes the glowy sculpted stars. You get 5 unique poses, plus the mirror version of each.
*xoxo ania* reaching for stars

Kinda Shy and Show Off complement each other perfectly…
*xoxo ania*  kinda shy vendor*xoxo ania* show off vendor

Cop A Feel was created for a photoshoot, and it’s too sexy to keep it too ourselves. Slightly NSFW, but you shouldn’t be checking out blogs from work anyway 😉
*xoxo ania* Cop A Feel pose

The last thing on today’s list is a new *xoxo ania* free sampler pack of 8 poses.
xoxo ania Sampler Set - gift

New releases here.

female clothes in all photos from *elymode*
skins from Belleza, Laq, Curio
hair from Truth, Fri.day
boots from Bax


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