*elymode* new stuff, group stuff, sale stuff!

Grab a drink and sit down, there’s lots to tell you! I’ve got new releases, including a group only color; I’ve got a limited time item, at a sale price for this weekend only; and I’m participating in a sim wide 50% off sale at my main store.

Cyd poster

My new release, the Cyd Set, is named for my RL sister; it’s just her style. The tops come with both sleeveless and long sleeve versions in light autumn colors; the leather pants in matching, but darker, colors look great when paired with their coordinating top and are fun mixed with other colors, too.
*elymode* Cyd's topselymode Cyd's Pants

The Cyd’s tops and pants are available in 6 colors, 7 if you are a group member! The white was made by special request, and didn’t fit into the color theme I had in mind, so I’m doing something special with it. It’s available to groups members only; it’s at a discounted price, and will be available for a limited time only. Wear your elymode group tag to purchase these items.

Another limited time item, this one available to everyone, is also a color-by-request. Celestial Journey in black is on sale at a discount this weekend for Taste of SL, and will return to full price on Monday. It will only be available for sale until October 31st.
celestial journey in black

In addition to the new goodies, I am participating in a sim-wide 50% off sale at my main location with about a dozen items in select colors set to a sale price. They aren’t hard to find, but you will have to get close enough to the vendors to see the little pumpkins I used to indicate sale items.

Have a great weekend everyone
❤ ely


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