*elymode* new item (and some free stuff)

There are a couple of special things at elymode this weekend.

First up, for Taste of SL, are Cyd’s Tops, in pink, which includes both a sleeveless and a long sleeve version. This preview of my upcoming release is on sale for this weekend only. Next week when I bring out the full release the price will go up, so grab it now at my main store!

Cyd's Tops

Stay tuned for more colors and the coordinating leather pants, coming soon!

I’ve got some gifts for you too, but you’re gonna have to put in a little effort to find them! A good friend of mine has just opened up a sim to house her awesome pose store Exposeur and I’ve got a little satellite location there. I’ve set 2 items for sale at L$0 but I am not gonna tell you which! I’ll give you a hint though: pay attention to the name of the creator of those fantastic poses. 😉

In case you missed the SLurls embedded above:
my main store is here
the free items are at my satellite shop located here


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