xoxo ania poses and CLICK photography props present…

I’ve been working on this very special project for the past month and I am so excited to announce the release of the French Bakery prop set and poses, a joint effort between Flix Saiman of CLICK props and xoxo ania poses! I’ve been having a ton of fun doing photos, there are 30 poses included with the set, including couples poses.

sitting silly

The build by Flix is full of amazing detail, and was created with photographers in mind. With its 10 x 10 footprint, you don’t need a huge area to rez it, and the prim count is under 200 (well until you start adding the extras, like the flowers and flower pots)


I’ve created all poses especially for this set, interacting with the props, I wish I could show them all here, but you will have to come look for yourself. Here’s a taste though…

mmmm bread
Chosing Flowers

You can test and purchase the set at my main store, just head up the stairs; the sign will be obvious.

I’m wearing all elymode clothing for this shoot: the top photo is my favorite hanging around outfit, the slouchy leggings and shorties jumper, and in the other photos I’m wearing the Wrapped Denim Shirt and Soft Denim Skirt, a favorite of mine for autumn. Other items in my look include hair from Exile, Skin from Belleza, and Jewelry from Mandala.


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