Working for the Weekend, and Working for a Cause

First up for *elymode* this weekend as part of Taste of SL, (which I will be participating in a couple of times a month) is the Working for the Weekend set. I’m not sure what the organizers had in mind, but I bet if you were around in the early 80s that phrase makes you think of this: Loverboy’s Working for the Weekend

After watching the video, I decided that what *elymode* needed are bright red leather pants! Not just for 80’s fans though, I’ve designed the pants to be a bit more contemporary. It’s the sweatbands in this set that really give it that 80s feel.
Working For The Weekend tosllogo

I will continue to sell the set after this weekend’s Taste of SL, but for this weekend only the set will be sold at 50% off. You can find it on my new release wall at the front of the shop with the ToSL subscriber-kiosk right above it.

I am also participating in the Project Donate event to raise money for UNICEF to go towards helping victims of the floods in Pakistan. My recent release, Estrela, is available there in lilac, which is a limited edition color not available in my main shop.

Estrela - lilac (limited)

The other items I have set out are not completely new, but rather some of my older favorites that have received an update. the Little Heart tanks & shorties was one of my very first releases, and was pulled from my stores a few months ago because it was no longer up to my standards. I saw a friend wearing the old set last week and passed her something more current to wear stating “omg those are too old here is something better.” Her reply was something like “but they don’t have hearts on the ass.” This new set of that old favorite is improved in every way from seams to overall texture, and especially the colors! Now bright and vibrant, I’m proud to have people wear them. For project donate they are available only as a fatpack, specially priced for the event to encourage more people to purchase them.

Little Hearts redux

My third item for Project Donate is a revision of my Wrapped Tanks. Also one of my earliest releases, I have considered retiring this one many times, but as soon as I think about it, someone goes and buys one! The changes to these tops aren’t as drastic as the Little Heart set – I wanted to keep the colors as they match my angle skirts –  but they have a more “finished” look now with better shading and the colors pop more. The pack is also specially priced for this event.

Wrapped Tank Redux pack

The Project Donate items are available only at the event location from now until the 14th of September. So head on over there, or to the *elymode* for some weekend fun.


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